Wednesday, November 3, 2010

RICE Rockets

Hey Running Renegades, I know what you are thinking and I am sorry but this in not my Aunt Barbara's recipe for Rice Pudding.  What this is is an acronym my know like NASA? 

Get it? Ok so you have a sore knee.  Rest a bit throw some ice on it with an ice compress and put your feet up while you watch some TV. DO IT!!

Sometimes it is Halloween.  Sometimes you dress up like a Cowboy.  Sometimes you have to sprint wearing cowboy boots to evade a marauding Zombie.  It happens.  In such a scenario I rolled my ankle and ended up with a sore ankle or "sankle" as I called it the following day.  Did I go running? NO I rested.  I iced it and put it up and read a good book.  These are the basics!! It works wonders. Most would rather pop a few advil and than spend time icing their shit.  Most would rather complain about their injury.  If you are not attempting to fix the problem stop complaining.  Next time you are sore Ice it for 15 min on 15 min off a few times and see the difference.  You will recover more quickly guaranteed! 

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