Wednesday, August 18, 2010

REST to be your BEST

OK I agree.  That is a lame ass title but let's move on.  This dog is chilling; perhaps even chillaxing and so should you.  I recently read a post where a man was looking for bodybuilding advice.  He said he had been working out everyday yet had not seen the gains he was expecting.  His question was, "What can I do to see some real gains?"  Of course the answer was unanimous. REST!!  You've gotta rest to be your best.  OK I apologize. I just had to say it one more time :). But seriously, you may run hard and you may run long but it is all for not if you don't take some days off.  I ran a 10 mile tempo run yesterday and what did I do today?  Not a damn thing, son! Today I woke up a little sleepier than usual and decided to take the day off since the run took a little more out of me than I expected.  Always remember that it is during days off, NOT during the workouts, that we get stronger.  On days off our muscles rebuild themselves and recover from tearing them down.  Ever put in an extra 10 miler even though you are dog tired just so you can get to you goal of an 80 mile week?  "I'll take it easy" you say to yourself.  "Once I get out the door I won't be so tired."  Then what happens?  The next week you start getting knee pain or catch a cold or something else happens that puts you out of commission.  Rest is of the utmost important whether you are a weekend warrior or you are placing in the Boston Marathon.  So how often should you rest? Great question!  As often as you need.  We are all different.  I recommend a 4 day cycle of 3 days on 1 day off.  Some like a hard day followed by an easy day during the week and taking the weekdays off.  Some monitor their heart rate to see how fatigued they are from the day prior.  Listen to your body folks!  It is  SO important.  Take inventory on how you feel.  Was it hard to wake up this morning?  Are you feeling irritable and short tempered.  Are you starting to feel that twinge you get when you overdo it?  Then you are probably overtraining.  Take a day off or two and get back in the game fresh and injury free.  Because it's like my Momma used to always say.  You've gotta REST to be your BEST (3rd times a charm).

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