Friday, August 27, 2010

Running Cadence

Left right left right left right.....Ok I am gonna make a short post on cadence. How many steps should you take? How long should your stride be? We come in all different sizes and shapes but everyone agrees the most efficient runners in the world take between 170 and 180 strides per minute. What does that mean for you? COUNT YOUR STEPS! Sound boring? It is. Daunting? Perhaps but bear down and do it my friend. It may help that knee pain you have from overstriding. So here’s what you do: Get a watch and go running. Once you are running at a comfortable pace start counting each time your right foot hits the ground. Count for a minute. Multiply that number by two (you do have two feet don’t you?) There it is! That’s your stride per minute. So if you count your right foot hitting the ground 70 times in that minute your cadence is 140 strides per minute. This would mean you should be taking more strides per minute so shorten that stride and see that knee pain vanish! If you come up with a number greater than 180 you may be able to lengthen your stride a bit but don’t overdo it. If this is you, I recommend stretching those hip flexors regularly (click here for a killer stretch) and try to stay relaxed whilst running.  Have a great weekend kids!

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  1. Good advice. Is it true barefoot runners have a higher cadence?