Saturday, August 14, 2010

Running Dirty

Running should be fun, running should be smooth, running should be easy.  I enjoy getting out on the trail and getting my feet dirty just as much as the next guy so I enjoy running dirty.  When it comes to your form and technique however, those are things that should be clean.  In this blog I will expand on how to become a better, more efficient runner using techniques I have learned through various mediums (coaching, education, observation, trial and error) over the course of almost 20 years of running experience.

This picture of my feet was taken after the Dick Collins' Firetrails 50 last October.  It was a brutal course with close to 8,000 ft of elevation and plenty of dirt.  Running for 10 plus hours allows your mind to do all sorts of things. was during one of these episodes where I decided to create a running blog.  Little did I know it would take close to a year to act on the idea but here we are.  In the posts that follow I will address common running issues with answers to questions and solutions to everyday problems whether they be side aches, mental fatigue, plantar fasciitis or any of the vast quantity of running hindrances I have seen in my life.  There will also be details of my personal everyday running life as well. I look forward to answer many running related questions and sharing my experiences giving you all the ability to Run for your Life.

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