Sunday, January 23, 2011

My First Shoe Review The Puma Street Kosmos

Hello friends and welcome to my first shoe review.  This is the shoe I have been running in for the past 5 months or so.  I have logged at least 300 miles on them and they have held up nicely.  They weigh in at 8 oz which is a very light shoe and have a slipper feel to them.  These shoes are very flexible which makes them a good minimalist shoe.  I removed the insert from them to get a better ground feel myself but they are ok if left in.  I tried wearing these sans socks for a while and they really tore up my feet so I do not recommend that.  These are wonderful shoes for running POSE.  The materials they are made of last.  I ran a half marathon in them in the rain and they take on a lot of water and had no traction going downhill so I do not recommend them for running in wet hilly conditions.  I have heard some with wide feet say the toebox could be roomier but I have narrow feet and they fit me great.  The drop on this shoe (difference between height of heel and height of forefoot) is very small, perhaps 1mm and at $65 they are well worth it.  Summary: These shoes are lightweight, flexible with a 1mm drop and a comfy slipper like feel.  They can be tight in the toebox for those with wider feet (as are most Pumas) have limited traction (especially going down hill when wet) and take on water like a sponge and are not recommended for sockless running..  I recommend them for everyday running/racing on the roads (though i do wear mine on the dry trails) for a minimalist/POSE runner.


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