Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Siesta Day 2

My 2nd day doing the siesta style polyphasic sleep mentioned in 4 hour body went well but I definitely felt a bit sluggish.  I woke up well rested and actually woke up 3 times in the night thinking I had already slept enough and was glad to see I had more time to sleep.  The morning went well but I got real sleepy around 3pm.  Once off work I took a 20 minute nap at 5:30.  I set my alarm to go off in 30 minutes assuming it would take a few minutes for me to sleep.  I am not sure how long I slept but I definitely was awoken by the alarm.  I worked out ate dinner then watched some TV.  I felt pretty sleepy at 10pm but stated up til 11 since I should only need 6 hrs and I wake up at 5am.  Day 2 = A bit sluggish in the afternoon and late evening.

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